Our Work

Raising Films’ Making It Possible: Voices of Parents and Carers in the UK Film and Television Industry (2016) was the first-ever survey to look at the impact of parenting and caring labour for workers across the UK screen sector. It reveals very clear barriers for parents and carers who work within film and TV, which do not only affect women, but continue to affect them disproportionately.

graphforweb79% of parents and carers told us that their caring labour had a negative impact on their work in the UK film and television industries

63% of respondents work freelance or are self employed, and financial uncertainty is a major concern

The data speaks to the actions the film and TV industry must take to serve its parent members better, and to increase their number. We call on the film industry to aspire to the best possible practice, to make it possible for all our voices to be heard.

We call for the following actions:

  • Enable financial assistance for child and elder care
  • Encourage industry-wide adoption of flexible working and access to child and/or elder care
  • Formalise a way to combat discrimination
  • Normalise conversations around caring commitments with employers

We are working with industry partners and the film and television community to ensure these and other solutions are enacted, by providing information, education and solutions.