//An Open Letter to the UK Film Industry on Addressing Harassment and Discrimination

An Open Letter to the UK Film Industry on Addressing Harassment and Discrimination

Raising Films raises awareness of the persistent structural challenges for parents and carers working, or wanting to work, in film and television. We are a community and campaigning organisation working toward a more equal and inclusive creative industry. In July 2017 we published ‘Raising Our Game’, a landmark research report that exposes the failure of the creative industry to offer its workforce fair employment rights. The report ends with checklists and recommendations for significant structural change.

The recent stories concerning abusive behaviour by Harvey Weinstein have publicly exposed the reality of working conditions for many in the film sector. Inequalities among those employed in the creative and cultural sectors of the economy are endemic and well-documented, and the industry has frequently been exposed by evidence that its power structures are unbalanced and unfair. To many, this is not news – but we need to ensure that it remains in the public eye.

We know that the majority of decision-makers in the industry are male, white, able-bodied and socially affluent. In-depth research into the multiple and varied experiences of those who do not fulfil these characteristics is exposing a clearer understanding of how entrenched power structures cause them to remain, collectively, marginalised. They do not have power.

In raising awareness of the challenges faced by parents and carers in the film and television industry, Raising Films recognises that power structures that work against parents and carers relate to wider exclusionary and unlawful practices. Our research, drawing on a decade of reports, focuses on the absence of a rigorous system of accountability, and recognises other organisations campaigning for a more inclusive industry.

We know there are others that are abusing their positions of power within the industry today but what persists is the inability to take action to prevent this. We do not have adequate systems or structures in place for workers to challenge unfair and unlawful behaviour. In response to the Harvey Weinstein allegations, in relation to the current debate on the state of the industry and based on our ‘Raising our Game’ report, we are calling for:

  1. A detailed, in-depth, sector-wide independent investigation into the extent of discrimination, harassment and other unlawful/unfair employment practices, led by a national industry body.
  2. Following that investigation, an industry-specific tribunal, headed by a legal expert, funded by the Skills Levy, with the power to arbitrate and to order compensation for those who have been subject to unlawful employment practice.
  3. A support network, including support for individuals going to court or tribunal, and provision of guidance for employees, collaborated between unions and guilds.
  4. Scalable HR training, an enforceable equality duty, and a visible move toward diverse boards and leadership, for all companies with any public funding, or applying for any public funding, including tax credits.

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Signed, for Raising Films,

Nicky Bentham, Tamsyn Dent, Hope Dickson Leach, Laura Giles, Line Langebek, Jessica Levick, and Sophie Mayer.

Signed in support:

Tom Abell, MD, Peccadillo Pictures
Laura Adams, Head of Member Services, Directors UK
Kaleem Aftab , Film Critic, Freelance
Manish Agarwal, Programme advisor, BFI London Film Festival
Farah Ahmed, Actor
Abby Ajayi, Writer
Ashtar al Khirsan, Director
Douglas Andrew Albury, Accountant, Hiendic Limited
Rob Aldam, Film Critic/Editor, Backseat Mafia
Betty Aldous, Events/Marketing Freelancer
Mary Aldridge, Managing Director and Producer, Board of Directors – Women in Film and Television (UK), Storm Pictures Films
Jackie Alexander, Founder / Director, Gravy Crew Ltd
Amanda Allen, Writer, Freelance
Julien Allen, Lawyer and film writer, Reverse Shot
Kim Allen, University Academic Fellow in Sociology, University of Leeds
Patricia Allmer, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
Natalia Andreadis, Director Evie Andrews
Corrina Antrobus, Bechdel Test Fest Founder, Programmer / Film Writer / Film Marketing, Bechdel Test Fest / Picturehouse Entertainment
Gabriella Apicella, Freelance Writer & Co-Founder Underwire Festival
Josh Appignanesi, Filmmaker
David Archibald, Senior Lecturer in Film and TV Studies, University of Glasgow
Jennifer Armitage, Screen Officer, Creative Scotland
Steven Atkinson, Director, HighTide
Geraldine Atlee, Head of Business Affairs, BBC Films
Juliet Aubrey, Actress, Equal Representation for Actresses
Rob Ayling, Freelance Filmmaker
Hana Backland, Camera Operator, Freelance
Anna Backman Rogers, Senior Lecturer in Feminism and Visual Culture, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Julie Baines, Producer, Dan Films
Mark Banks, Professor and Director, CAMEo Research Institute, University of Leicester
Isaura Barbe-Brown, Actress
Alana Bardill, Multimedia & Visual Resources Librarian, Falmouth University & University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus
Jo Bartlett-Hubbard, Producer/Director, Bartlett Hubbard Films
Yaw Basoah, Producer, Dark Pictures; RF board member
Devorah Baum, Lecturer, University of Southampton
Mia Bays, Director, Birds Eye View and Producer, Missing in Action Films Lorraine Bell
Emily Benita
Dan Bentham, Post Production Supervisor, Marti Films
Julia Berg, Development Exec / Producer
Tim Bergfelder, Professor of Film, University of Southampton
Susan Berridge, Lecturer in Film and Media, University of Stirling
Elizabeth Berrington, Actress, and Equal Representation for Actresses
Pippa Best, Script Editor
Sanjeev Bhaskar, Actor/Writer, Freelance
Julie Bills, Camera Operator, Freelance
Ben Blaine, Filmmaker
Chris Blaine, Filmmaker
Paula Blair, Film & art researcher, Freelance
Dena Blakeman, Acquisitions Executive, New Wave Films
J Blakeson, Director & Screenwriter
Ellen Blandford, Film student, UWE
Chris Bogle, Director, Freelance
Chris Boorman, Production Assistant
Rosa Bosch, producer, B&W films
Alistair Bowe, Customer Service Advisor, Capita
Karen Boyle, Professor, Feminist Media Studies, University of Stirling
Nick Bradshaw, Web editor, Sight & Sound, BFI
David Brake, Journalist, One Room With A View
Fiona Branson, Director, NutCase Theatre Limited
Simon Brasse, Editor, Freelance
Lisa Braund, Director, FOS
Catherine Bray, Commissioner for Channel 4’s Random Acts
Natalie Brenner, Head of Sales/Partner, Metro International Entertainment
Ian Brierly, Head Teacher, Chilwell School
Tom Briggs, Acting Student, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
Tracy Brimm, Producer, Forward Films
Dougie Brimson, Writer
Jon Brittain, Playwright/screenwriter
Sarah Brocklehurst, Producer, Sarah Brocklehurst Productions
John Brodie
Lisa Brook, Director, Live Cinema UK
Lucy Brown, Head of Film & TV, University of Greenwich
Sue Bruce Smith, Head of Distribution and Brand Strategy, Film4
Dominic Buchanan, Producer
Elinor Burns, Agent, Casarotto Ramsay
Natalie Burt, Writer, Director, Actor
Chris Burton, Production manager, UPL Group
Felipe Bustos Sierra, Producer/Director, Debasers Filums
Rosanna C
Paulette Caletti, Writer/Director, Too Right Films
Esther May Campbell, writer/director
Liza Carmel, production coordinator, freelance
Duncan Carson, Programmer, Nobody Ordered Wolves
Alison Carter-Goulden, Head of Organisational Development, Trim Editing
Hayley Cartwright, Actor
Jenne Casarotto, Writers and Directors agent, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd
Frederic Casella, Director & Writer, Freelance
Chloe Catchpole, Freelance Film Critic
Lucy Catherine, Writer
Kefi Chadwick, writer
Aditya Chakraborty, Visual Effects Artist
Jenny Chamarette, Senior Lecturer in Film, Queen Mary, University of London
Katherine Champion, Lecturer in Media and Communication, University of Stirling
Chloe Cheeseman, Coordinator, Reel Equality Film Club/Equation
Kate Cheeseman, Director, Freelance
Nia Childs, Film Festival / Events Producer, Freelance
Andrew Chowns, Chief Executive, Directors UK
Morven Christie, actor, writer
Katherine Churcher, Director/Producer, Freelance
Nada Cirjanic, Head of Sales, Independent Film Sales
Ashley Clark, Senior programmer, BAM
Rachel Clark, 1st assistant camera
Richard Clark, Television Director
Alex Clarke, Screenwriter
Jenny Clarke, Freelance Film Curator
Alex Clatworthy, Actor
Ryan Clayton
Gerard Clinton, Minister, Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Ruth Coady, Producer, Parallel Film & Television
Shelley Cobb, Associate Professor, PI of Calling the Shots, University of Southampton
Rachel Cole
Amanda Coles, Lecturer, Deakin University
James Collie, producer/distributor, Violet Pictures
Keri Collins, Writer/Director
Bridget Conor, Senior Lecturer in Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London
Kate Copeland, Actor
Mark Cosgrove, Cinema Curator, Watershed
Daisy Costello, Producer, Clan Creative Productions Ltd.
Mark Cousins, Director, Shut Up and Deal Ltd
Rosie Crerar, Film Producer, barry crerar
Charlotte Crofts, Associate Professor Filmmaking, UWE Bristol
Jon Croker, Screenwriter
Rebecca Crookshank, Writer
Karen Cross, Senior Lecturer in Media and Comms, Roehampton University
Natasha Dack Ojumu, Founder/producer/exec producer, Tigerlily Productions
Emma Davie, Filmmaker and Programme Director of PG Film Directing ECA, University of Edinburgh
Ian Davies, Director, Boudica Films
Jen Davies, Creative Director, Park Circus
Miriam Day, Documentary Director/producer, Four and a half Women
Luke de Belder, Actor
Gaëlle Denis, Writer/Director
Catharine Des Forges, Director, Independent Cinema Office
Jemma Desai, Curator, I am Dora
Aggela Despotidou, Assistant editor, Free lancer
Elizabeth Dexter
Emma Dickinson
Alasdair Dickson, Gardener
Shaun Dingwall, Actor/writer/director
Ingrid Domeij, DOP/ Lighting Cameraman, Freelance
John Dorr, Composer, Stems
Ben Douglas, GP
Philip Drake, Professor of Film, Media and Communications, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Mathilde Dratwa, Founder, Moms-in-Film
Emma Duffy, Producer, Small Town Films
Michelle Duffy, Writer, Freelance
Paul Duncan
Joyce Dundas, Freelance film writer
Nicky Earnshaw, Production Executive, Film4
Emma Edwards, Cinematographer, Freelancer & GBCT/WFTV/BECTU/DirectorsUK member
Sally El Hosaini, Filmmaker, Trouble & Desire Films
Electric Fish Films, Producer, Production Company
Kate Elliott, Training and Equality Officer, BECTU
Bean Ellis, Make up Designer, Freelance
John Ellis, Production Designer, Freelance
Rosie Ellison, Film Commissioner, Film Edinburgh
Gaz Evans, Assistant Editor
Helena Evans, Assistant Editor
Marian Evans, Writer
Neil Ewen, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication, University of Winchester
Paul Farrell
Alejandra Fernandez, 2AC
Darren Fewins, Counsellor/Manager, Change4
Jeanie Finlay, Filmmaker, Glimmer Films LTD
Paul Fischer, Producer, Ten Cent Adventures Ltd
Tim Fleming, DoP
Rosanne Flynn, Development Producer, Element Pictures
Robin Fodor
Sally Folkard, Development Manager, Film Hub North West Central
Toby Forrest
Louise Fox, Director, Cornwall Film Festival
Neil Fox, Screenwriter/Lecturer, Baracoa Pictures & Falmouth University
Kev Frost, Director, KJF new media
Cecilia Frugiuele, Producer, Parkville Pictures
Phoenix Fry, Producer/trainer, Cinema Forever
Ellen Gallagher, Assistant, Casarotto Ramsay
Adam Ganz, University Lecturer and Screenwriter
Alessandro Garau, Assistant location manager
Allison Gardner, Programme Director, Glasgow Film
Rachel Garman, Information and Research Officer
Hannah Gatward, Marketing Coordinator, JW3 Arts and Culture Community Centre
Rebecca Gatward, Television, Film and Theatre Director, Freelance
Fiona Gavin, Art director
Catherine Geary, Supervising location manager
Tina Gharavai, Writer/Director
Jane Giles, Freelance writer, Ex-BFI
Fiona Gillies
Graham Ginty, Multimedia Facilitator, WaveForm Digital Media
Gali Gold, Film Curator, Barbican
Nicky Goldie, Actor
Nick Goundry, Film/TV Journalist
Christopher Granier-Deferre, Producer, Poisson Rouge Pictures
Carmen Gray, Freelance Film Critic, Unaffiliated
Nina Gray, Social Worker, The City of Edinburgh Council
Flaminia Graziadei, Director/Producer, lonRom Film Production Ltd
Ruth Greenberg, Screenwriter
Stephen Greenhorn, Writer
Charlotte Gross
Annabel Grundy, Manager, Film Hub North
Jane Gull, Director
Emma Gunavardhana, Writer/Podcaster
Jof Gurd, Film Critic, Freelance
Celine Haddad, Irish Film Board
Samm Haillay, Producer, Third Films
Liam Hall, Undergraduate student
Robin Hall, Volunteer, The Spring arts and heritage centre, Havant
Lotus Hannon, Writer / Director, Vesta Pictures
Kate Hardie, Writer, Director, Actor
Stephen Haren, Film Editor
Liz Harkman, Programmer, Locarno Film Festival
Samantha Harrie, Director
Nina Hartstone, Supervising Dialogue / ADR Editor
Christophe Harvey, Scientist
Jodie Hatley, Agent’s assistant, Casarotto
Danielle Hawkins, Self Employed
Louisa Hawkins, Post production runner
Deborah Haywood, Writer/Director
Rachelle Hembury, Communications/Events
Tom Hemmings, Film/TV editor
Diane Henderson, Deputy Artistic Director, Edinburgh International Film Festival
Sonja Henrici, Co-director, Scottish Documentary Institute
Casey Herbert, Producer, Moonlight Bay Films / Bright Cold Day Films
Michelle Herbert, Managing Editor, IWA Publishing
Mel Heseltine, 1st Assistant Director, freelance
David Hesmondhalgh, Professor of Media, Music and Culture, University of Leeds
Alexandra Hidalgo, director, editor-in-chief of agnès films, Michigan State University
Nick Higgins, Director & Professor of Media Practice, Creative Media Academy, University of the West of Scotland
Frances Higson, Producer / Manager, FANS Youth Film Festival & Radical Film Network Scotland
Paddy Higson, Board Member, GMAC Film
Karl Nathan Hill
Leslie Hills, Producer, Skyline Productions
Dan Hine, Managing Director, Who’s On First Films
Ming Ho, Writer, Freelance
Jack Holden, Actor
Rachel Holroyd, Agent, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates
Samantha Horley
Michael Horn
John Hornsby, freelance film maker
Kathy Hubbard, Freelance film festival director
Mel Hudson, Actress, voiceover, writer
David Hughes, Managing Director, Synchronicity II Ltd
Gavin Humphries, Producer
Rebecca H. Huston, Screenwriter, Gravitas Videm Media
Tracey Hyde, Agent, Casarotto Ramsay
Simon Hynd, Director, freelance
Melanie Iredale, Deputy Director, Sheffield Doc/Fest
Jess Jackson, Screenwriter
Anne James, Writer
Sanne Jehoul, GSFF Programmer & Coordinator | Junior Producer
Angie Jennings, Administrator, Regional Screen Scotland
Deborah Jermyn, Co-Director, Centre for Research in Film and Audiovisual Cultures, University of Roehampton
Philip John, Director, Orange River Ltd
Helen Johnson, Director, Talking Point
Sam Johnson, Photographer
Cat Jones, Writer
Sian Jones, Director/Producer, Freelance
Susie Jones, Writer/Director
Alex Joseph, Supervising sound designer/ producer, Freelance
E Joyce, Actress
Olivier Kaempfer, Producer, Parkville Pictures
Maciek Kaliski, filmmaker
Oonagh Kearney, Screenwriter and Director, Tyrella Films
Lindsey Kelk, Writer
Charlotte Kelly, Agent, Casarotto Ramsay and Associates
Joe Kelly, Sales Assistant, HMV
Lisa Kelly, Lecturer in Television Studies, University of Glasgow
Nahrein Kemp, Film and TV Consultant
Polly Kemp, Actress, and Co Founder, Equal Representation for Actresses
Susan Kemp, Educator & Documentary Filmmaker, University of Edinburgh/ Freelance
Ellie Kendrick, Actor
Mark Kermode, Freelance Film Critic
Nicola Kettlewood, Head of Education & Learning, Centre for the Moving Image: Filmhouse Cinemas & Edinburgh International Film Festival
Nosheen Khwaja, Director, Glitch Film Festival
Chloe King, Assistant Producer, Instinct Productions
Kate Kinninmont MBE, CEO, Women in Film & Television (UK)
Gill Kirk, scriptwriter
Friedrich Kohle
Rob Kraitt, Agent, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd.
Flippanta Kulakiewicz, Education & Learning Coordinator, Centre for the Moving Image
Yasmine Kuypers
Sarah Lane, Producer, Into Film
Kate Larking, Producer & Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University/ University of York
Jade Moira Lawrence, Actor, Writer, Poet, Freelance
Stewart le Marechal, Producer, MetFilm Production
Frances Lea, Director/ Writer
Michael Leader, Writer / Programmer
Alisa Lebow, Filmmaker/Scholar/Curator
Jacinta Legge-Wilkinson, Writer director, Freelance
Hannah Leigh-Prior, Writer/Actor
Emily Leo, Producer, Wigwam Films
Vicki Lesley, Director, Tenner Films
Kate Leys, Script Editor
Chris Lindsay, Writer, Freelance
Dario Llinares, Principal Lecturer in Contemporary Screen Media, University of Brighton
Becky Lloyd, Development Consultant
Matt Lloyd, Director, Glasgow Short Film Festival
Andrew Logan
Montserrat Lombard, Actress
Sally Long-Innes, Managing Director/Theatrical Agent, Independent Talent Group
Claire Louise, Amias
Alice Lowe, Director, Actor, Screenwriter
David T. Lynch, writer-director
Oliver Lyttelton, Screenwriter
frazer macdonald
Ivana Mackinnon, Producer, Stray Bear Productions
Cloudberry MacLean, Events Manager and Curator, GLITCH Film Festival
George Magner, Filmmaker, Mountain Way Pictures
Shona Main, Doctoral researcher in Film Studies, Stirling University/ Glasgow School of Art
Sophie Mair, Producer, Sketchbook Pictures
James Maitre, Writer, Directors Notes
Fritha Malcouronne
Konstantina Markopoulou, Technical director, RT
Kingsley Marshall, Head of Film, Falmouth University
Amy Mathieson, Director/Writer, Jet Set Films
Emma Matthews, Scriptwriter / Production Manager, Freelance
Christopher Maudsley
Sean McAlinden-Barber, Brand warrior, Tribe marketing
Alan McDonald, Screenwriter, Freelance
Corinna McFarlane, Director
Jane McGee, Director
Bennett McGhee, Producer, Silvertown Films
Bryony McIntyre, Co-director, Arika
Liz McIntyre, CEO & Director, Sheffield Doc/Fest
Alan Mckenna, Actor/Screenwriter, Scalpel & Mack
Riaz Meer, Film Editor, BECTU
Siân Melton, Founder, The MUFF Society
Ronit Meranda, Writer Director Self employed
Leah Meyerhoff, Founder, Film Fatales
Harry Michell, Writer/Director
Josh Miller, Sales Advisor, Parseq Glasgow
Toby Miller, Professor and Director, Institute for Media & Creative Industries, Loughborough University London
Andrew Mills, Talent Manager, JAB Management Ltd
Jon Mills, Film Reviewer, Freelance
Jonathan Mills, Writer/filmmaker
Nicola Mills, Writer/Director, Cinesisters
Anna Mohr-Pietsch, Producer, Met Film Production
Christine Molloy, Filmmaker, Desperate Optimists
Jennifer Monks, Producer, Pencil Trick Productions
Sophie Monks Kaufman, Contributing editor, Little White Lies
Emma Moohan, Actor
Debbie Moon, screenwriter
Malcolm Moore, Executive Producer, Business & Legal Affairs, Planispheres
Splash Morales, Student, Kingston University
Emily Morgan, Producer, Quiddity Films
Emma Morgan, Writer
Gerry Morrissey, Head of BECTU, BECTU Sector of Prospect
Hamish Moseley, Head of Distribution, Altitude Film Entertainment
Hélène Muddiman, Film Composer and Songwriter, Hollywood Elite Music & Media
Cat Muir, Writer
sally mumby-croft, Freelance Film Editor, Freelance
Claire Mundell, Exec/ Producer/ Owner /MD, Synchronicity Films
Emily Munro, National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive
Anna Navas, Programmer, Plymouth Arts Centre
Zoe Naylor, Partner, Reel Solutions
Lisa Neeley, Dean, MetFilm School
Amy Neil, Writer, Director
David Newbigging, Director/Storyboard Artist
Christina Newland, Journalist, Freelance – Sight & Sound, Little White Lies
Emma Nicholson, Student, King’s College London
Claire Nicol, Screenwriter
Andy Noble, Producer / Co-Producer
Lewis Noonan
Toby Nutter, Assistant Editor
Clive James Nwonka, Research Fellow in Film Studies, London School of Economics
David O’Brien, Chancellor’s Fellow in Cultural and Creative Industries, University of Edinburgh
Rebecca O’Brien, Producer, Sixteen Films
Kate O’Hara, Development Executive, Creative England
Barbara Ann O’Leary, Catalyst,#DirectedbyWomen
Rachel O’Neill, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of York
Tracy O’Riordan, Producer, Moonspun Films
Nuala O’Sullivan, Director, Women Over 50 Film Festival
Kate Oakley, Professor, University of Leeds
Kate Ogborn, Producer, Fly Film
Jeremy Oliver, SA/Actor, self employed
Rita Osei, Filmmaker
Ania Ostrowska, Film editor, The F-Word
Alison Owen, Producer, Monumental Pictures
Gage Oxley, Managing Director, Oxygen Films
Carmelina Palumbo, Production Executive, Spun Gold Television
Murali Paramagnanam, Charity worker
Sam Parks, Actor
Joan Parsons, Senior programmer, Showroom Workstation
Debs Paterson, Director
Duncan Paveling, Writer/Producer, dull boy pictures
Ruth Paxton, Writer/Director
Christine Payne, General Secretary, Equity
Wendy Pearce, Head of Content, Media Trust
Simone Pereira Hind, Casting Director, SPH Casting Sophie Petzal, Writer
Charlie Phillips, Head of Documentaries, The Guardian
Neville Pierce, Filmmaker & journalist
Paul Poet, Film Director/Author/Curator/Producer, Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion/Abraxas Flm/Epo/Filmarchive Austria (and partners in UK)
Rebekah Polding, Senior Consultant, BOP
David Pope, advance films
nikolas powell, Producer
Ian Prior, Producer
Sara Putt, Managing Director, Sara Putt Associates; RF board member
Jamie Quantrill, Cinematographer
Lorraine Ramage, Freelance
Mark Ramsey
Carly Reddin, Production Designer
Joycer Rennie, Commercials Producer, Production Manager, Freelance
Karen Richardson, MA student, Writing for Performance and Publication, University of Leeds
Charlotte Riley, Actor; RF Ambasssador
Sofia Rimskaya, Writer-Director
Jenna Roberts, Marketing coordinator, London Short Film Festival
Madoc Roberts, Editor, Barkingmad.tv
Selina Robertson, Co-founder, Club des Femmes
Barrington Robinson, Producer, Redbag Pictures
Matthew Robinson
Jemima Rooper, Actress
Polly Rose, Film editor, Freelance
Laurie Rose BSC, Cinematographer
Liz Rosenthal, CEO/ Programmer Venice VR, Power to the Pixel/ Venice Film Festival
Laura Rothwell, Marketing Director, Crystlsd
Dennis Routledge-Tizzard, Freelance Film Journalist, Faulty Projector
Maria Rovisco, Lecturer in Media and Communication, University of Leicester
Douglas Russell, Actor
Steven Russell, Agent, Collective Talent
Steve Ruttley, Writer
Barry Ryan, Head of Production, Warp Films
Colin Ryan, Actor
Ben Salisbury, Composer
Tia Salisbury, Writer/Director, Freelance
Robbie Samuels, Director, superrocketman
Chantal Sandal
Rob Savage, Director
Heather Savigny, Professor, de Montfort University
Lara Scott, Drama & English graduate
Sambrooke Scott, Film Hub Scotland Manager, Film Hub Scotland
Laura Scrivano, Director
Isabel Selig, Curator, Museum
Alexa Seligman, Creative Director, Producer, The Electric Shadow Company
Elhum Shakerifar, Producer, Hakawati
Louisa Shanks, Producer, Into Film
Deborah Shaw, Reader in Film Studies, University of Portsmouth
Lucy Sheen, Actor|Writer|Filmmaker, Foundling Productions
Mikael Shields, CEO, Acamar Films Ltd.
James Shirran, IT Manager, John Lewis
Daniella Shreir, Editor, Another Gaze
Isabelle Sieb, Director
Cassandra Sigsgaard, Producer, Jeva Films and Chair, Women in Film and Television (UK)
Eva Sigurdardottir, Director / Producer, Askja Films
Melissa Silverstein, Founder/Publisher, Women & Hollywood
Gary Sinyor, Writer/Director/Producer
Sivakumaran Sivathillainathan
Anna Skrein, Art Department Co-ordinator, freelance
Emma Smart, Film librarian and programmer, BFI
Anna Smith, Film Critic and President, Critics’ Circle
Gregg Smith
Iona Smith, Production Secretary
Joanne Smith
Steve Smith, Freelance Director & Chair, Directors UK
Wilma Smith, Filmmaker
Ludo Smolski, Script Editor, Freelance
Sarah Smyth
Sudie Smyth, Production Executive, EFB; RF board member
Sarah Solemani, Actress/Screenwriter
Barry Spikings, Best Picture Oscar winner
Chris Steel, Camera Assistant, Freelance
Jane Stenson, Actress
Francesca Stephens, Writer
Belinde Ruth Stieve, actress
Deborah Stone, Producer
Alexis Strum, Writer/performer
Scout Stuart, Writer/Director
Sarah Sulick, Producer, Bright Pictures
Anna Sullivan (aka Anna Gilbert), Acting Tutor/ University Lecturer/ Actor, Regent’s University, London
Ruth Sweeney
Clea Tammes, Publicist, Freelance
Holly Tarquini, Executive Director, FilmBath, and Founder, F-Rating
Caroline Taylor
Dave Taylor-Matthews, Encounters Festival
Chi Thai, Producer
Alex Thiele, Producer, 65 Wilding Films
Nina Thilas-Mohs, Ballet Mistress/Actress/Perception Management Coach, Self Employed
Rajesh Thind, Writer / Director, Pindu Productions
Laura Thomson
Sandy Thomson, Writer, Poorboy
Shona Thomson, Creative Producer & Curator, A Kind of Seeing
Clair Titley, Director
James Tocher, Runner, Molinare TV & Film
Lucan Toh, Producer, Two & Two Pictures
Amie Tridgell, Location Manager
Charlotte Trusler, LOCATION MANAGER, Freelance
Julia Tyrrell, Agent, JT Management Ltd
Jonathan Underhill, Consultant Clinical Medicines Adviser, National Institute Of Health And Care Excellence
Natalie Usher, Director of Screen, Creative Scotland
Saskia van Roomen, Outreach Manager, London Film School
Noémi Varga, Director
Nicholas Velasco, Student, Kingston University
Roxana Vilk, Director /Writer, Freelance
Manjinder Virk, Actor/Film maker
Paul Wade, Director, Wadebrosproductions
Jonathan Wakeham, Screenwriter
Eleanor Walsh, Academic Researcher, University of Bristol
Dr Jon Wardle, Director, National Film and Television School
Harriet Warman, Partnerships Coordinator/Freelance Programmer, Regional Screen Scotland/Behind the Curtain
Joshua Warren, Director, Freelance
Rich Warren, Festival Director, Encounters Festival
Georgie Weedon, Filmmaker, Gingerwink Films Paul Welsh, Producer, DigiCult/Edge City Films
Susie Welstead, Production Accountant, Freelance
Colin Whaymand
Alice Whittemore
Sheena Wichary, Filmmaker/ Costume Supervisor, Freelance
Joy Wilkinson, Writer
Linda Ruth Williams, Professor of Film, University of Exeter; CI of Calling the Shots
Emma Willis
Verity Wislocki, Producer, Wislocki Films
Allan Wood, Writer
Helen Wood, Professesor of Media and Communication, University of Leicester
Rowan Woods, Development Executive, BBC Films
Sharon Woodward, Independent Filmmaker/Project Manager, Freelance
Jamie Worsfold, Editor
Natalie Wreyford, Research Fellow, Calling the Shots: Women and Contemporary Film Culture in the UK, University of Southampton
Lorena Wright, Associate Producer, Electric Shadow Co
Naomi Wright, Director, Silver Salt Films
Ado Yoshizaki Cassuto, Producer, Ndf International
Claudia Yusef, Talent Development Executive, Scottish Film Talent Network Fjoralba, Research Student, Roehampton University, London
Hannah, Programme Coordinator, Sheffield Doc/Fest Meera, Director, BBC
Monsey, Carer
naomi, Director, Self employed
Sophie, Designer

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