Observer, 10 December 2017

Mark Kermode wraps up his 2017 Films of the Year round-up with a tribute to both co-founder Hope Dickson Leach’s debut feature The Levelling and to Raising Films. This year also saw the long-awaited release of The Levelling, a tremendous debut from writer-director Hope Dickson Leach. It’s a brilliant work from a film-maker who should also be … Continue reading “Observer, 10 December 2017”

Screen Daily, 16 November 2017

“Open letter on film industry harassment attracts 500 signatures” is the headline for coverage of our open letter which draws attention to the need for systemic and structural solutions. As Tom Grater notes: The letter calls for “a detailed, in-depth, sector-wide, independent investigation” into the recent revelations of sexual misconduct that have been exposed across the film … Continue reading “Screen Daily, 16 November 2017”

Sight & Sound, 7 November 2017

Raising Films contributed an edited version of our open letter to Sight & Sound’s portfolio article, “What next after Harvey Weinstein?” We also endorse Rebecca O’ Brien’s call: The BFI, BSAC (British Screen Advisory Council), Bafta, Women in Film & Television UK, the Production Guild, the unions – they all need to get together and discuss what to do about it. You … Continue reading “Sight & Sound, 7 November 2017”

An Open Letter to the UK Film Industry on Addressing Harassment and Discrimination

Raising Films raises awareness of the persistent structural challenges for parents and carers working, or wanting to work, in film and television. We are a community and campaigning organisation working toward a more equal and inclusive creative industry. In July 2017 we published ‘Raising Our Game’, a landmark research report that exposes the failure of … Continue reading “An Open Letter to the UK Film Industry on Addressing Harassment and Discrimination”

Esther May Campbell: Radical Tending at Elm Tree Farm

Water Salad on Monday arrives this September: a book and exhibition of beautiful black and white photographs that tenderly picks their way through the special natures that exist at the magical Elm Tree Farm, a working farm comprised of animals, plants, volunteers, carers and adults with learning disabilities. Film maker and photographer Esther May Campbell has been in situ here … Continue reading “Esther May Campbell: Radical Tending at Elm Tree Farm”

Screen Daily, 5 September 2017

In a feature looking at ‘How the UK film sector is trying to improve workplace conditions,’ Andreas Wiseman draws attention to: the publication of a stark report claiming “unlawful, invisible and unfair” employment practices that discriminate against people in the UK film and TV industry who are parents and carers. The BFI-backed investigation, titled ‘Raising … Continue reading “Screen Daily, 5 September 2017”

Interview: Mattia Storni, Locarno Film Festival

You’re Head of Marketing for the Locarno Festival – which provides childcare for its guests and delegates! Can you tell us about how the Festival came about with that decision? The Locarno Festival has always tried to offer a 360-degree experience to its visitors. We know how difficult it is to combine family and work … Continue reading “Interview: Mattia Storni, Locarno Film Festival”

The Independent, 6 July 2017

Game of Thrones and Prevenge star Gemma Whelan gives us a shout-out in an in-depth interview with Kaleem Aftab – shout-outs too to Film Raisers Alice Lowe and Kharmel Cochrane: She is a big fan of Raising Films, formed two years ago to put pressure on the film industry to do more to support working parents. … Continue reading “The Independent, 6 July 2017”