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I feel you can make anything work and that having children can be a huge positive in our industry, where having a reason to get home helps you focus and where dealing with little people and their personalities helps you navigate complex situations and tell stories. But it isn’t simple and requires understanding from collaborators on when work can get done and how to work around the unreliability of children. 

— Female, 25-44, freelance producer, London

Raising Films’ Case Studies aim to create understanding for commissioners, employers and collaborators in filmmaking teams about making it possible. Each case study includes several posts telling the story of a single film or TV project from different moments or perspectives, allowing you to hear directly from working parents, carers and their colleagues about both the challenges that come up, and the practical, workable solutions that produce brilliant, influential and wide-ranging films and TV programmes. If you would like to contribute a case study about a film or TV show currently in prep, production or post, get in touch at

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