An Open Letter to the UK Film Industry on Addressing Harassment and Discrimination

Raising Films raises awareness of the persistent structural challenges for parents and carers working, or wanting to work, in film and television. We are a community and campaigning organisation working toward a more equal and inclusive creative industry. In July 2017 we published ‘Raising Our Game’, a landmark research report that exposes the failure of … Continue reading “An Open Letter to the UK Film Industry on Addressing Harassment and Discrimination”

Invite Raising Films to Your Event

As a campaign and community, Raising Films has built its network through offline events as well as our dynamic online conversations on the website, Facebook and Twitter. We’ve been excited to work on live events with Parents in Performing Arts, Directed by Women, Glasgow Film Festival, Radical Film Network Glasgow, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Edinburgh Film Festival, … Continue reading “Invite Raising Films to Your Event”

Women’s Organisations in UK Film & TV

While parents and carers can be any gender, Raising Films believes that – because women continue to do disproportionate amounts of caring labour – it is women who are most affected by this issue, and that it has an affect on equality and inclusion. To learn more about gender inequality in the film industry, check … Continue reading “Women’s Organisations in UK Film & TV”

Apply for CTBF Support

Raising Films is building on the great work done by other organisations whose support assists in creating an inclusive, sustainable film and television industry. When it comes to financial support and advice, the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF) are the UK charity for people working behind the scenes in film, TV and cinema exhibition. The … Continue reading “Apply for CTBF Support”

Creative Caring Projects

As Alexis Zegerman writes for Raising Films, cuts to state-funded childcare made in the name of austerity are a “real smack in the face to working parents, but mainly working mothers.” We see RF as part of a network of campaigners for state child and adult care funding – but also as working alongside groups forging … Continue reading “Creative Caring Projects”

Share Your Story: Write a Testimonial

Start a conversation and connect with other parents and carers working in film and television by sharing your story. If you would like to submit a testimonial about being a parent or carer working in the film industry in any role, email us here. We are happy to anonymise testimonials on request. To get started … Continue reading “Share Your Story: Write a Testimonial”

Do a Red Carpet Protest

A short manifesto on Red Carpet Activism: 1. It’s never too late to be an activist Just look at the anti-fracking Nanas! 2. It’s never too late to get an idea The idea for #BudgetTheBaby started on a night bus… 3. If it looks impossible, go ahead and do it anyway There’s always somewhere out … Continue reading “Do a Red Carpet Protest”

Employers/Employees: Know Your Rights

Knowing your rights as a filmmaker, parent and carer can be extremely useful when speaking to your employer or organising a campaign or protest. Equally, it is important if you’re an employer to know your responsibilities and what you must provide for your employees, whether salaried, contract or freelance. The UK’s current law includes: 2016 Childcare … Continue reading “Employers/Employees: Know Your Rights”

Training and Mentoring

Whether you’d like to expand or refresh your skills, here are some of the leading UK-based organisations that offer a wide range of training within film and television: BFI Future Film: If you’ve inspired your kids to get into film, there’s the BFI Future Film Academy, a fun and practical talent development programme for 16-25 year … Continue reading “Training and Mentoring”