The Levelling: A Final Look

The Levelling receives its world premiere tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival. In our final instalment of the case study, writer/director Hope Dickson Leach (HDL) talks to her husband Phil Miller (PJEM) about primary parenting, routine and freezers full of food. * HDL: The film is done and we’re now getting ready to fly … Continue reading “The Levelling: A Final Look”

The Levelling: Shooting

Tomorrow we start our final week of principal photography which means this time in a week I’ll be home. I can’t pretend I’m not loving shooting this film, because honestly there’s not much in the world that I have loved doing more, but I also  have to admit that I’m counting the days.The first week … Continue reading “The Levelling: Shooting”

The Slog: Paper Dragons

Hope Dickson Leach’s case study of The Levelling continues… * “Oh and the cat’s shitting blood and might need to be put down.” “What?” “They’re fighting – I’ve got to go.” And so ends the conversation with my husband around bedtime on day 9 of my absence from home. Things are tough down here, but apparently not … Continue reading “The Slog: Paper Dragons”