Testimonial: Lorna Martin

The challenges of trying to combine motherhood with a creative career hit home for me a couple of years ago when my older daughter, then four, was doing a project in nursery about summer holidays. She informed me that all her friends were going to France, Spain, Portugal and Florida. Then she asked where we … Continue reading “Testimonial: Lorna Martin”

Testimonial: Vicki Lesley

Making a film is hard. Making a film and having a baby is a lot harder! Back in 2006, I was a busy freelancer working on popular factual shows for broadcasters like the BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery, travelling the world and generally having a great time. But deep down I yearned to work on something a … Continue reading “Testimonial: Vicki Lesley”

Testimonial: Pippa Best

As a young producer’s assistant, then script editor, then head of development, I was too busy working and chasing the next bit of development funding to think about kids. But by 30, I’d built up enough regular freelance script editing clients to risk moving from London to Cornwall with my Cornish partner (who was suffering … Continue reading “Testimonial: Pippa Best”

Esther May Campbell: Heroes and Gods

Esther May Campbell‘s debut feature LIGHT YEARS, produced by Samm Haillay, premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2015, and is currently on tour in the UK. More information on the film’s website. * Men and women are different. Whether because of our genes or conditioning. We experience, at home and on the street, playground or onscreen, … Continue reading “Esther May Campbell: Heroes and Gods”

Testimonial: Alex Helfrecht and Jörg Tittel

We are Co-Directors, Co-Writers and Co-Parents. Oh yeah, and we’ve been married for nearly a decade. Not that we have much time to think about such trivial things like love. We shot our first feature, THE WHITE KING, in Hungary last year, which meant moving the whole family, including our two children Olivia (then four) … Continue reading “Testimonial: Alex Helfrecht and Jörg Tittel”

Testimonial: Beatrice Read

Sometimes I feel like an Uber driver in Los Angeles. I’ve moved to a city where my skill is necessary and much valued, but comes with no job security. And definitely no tips. I’m a freelance Archive Producer, which involves footage and photo research and clearances for documentaries, commercials and the occasional drama. Speaking of … Continue reading “Testimonial: Beatrice Read”

Testimonial: Kate McLarnon

Kate McLarnon’s and Sky Neal’s documentary Even When I Fall launches its crowdfunder for the final shoot and edit today, International Women’s Day 2016. * I found out I was pregnant the day before I set off for an ethnography shoot in New York with my filmmaking family Postcode Films. It was a surprise – a … Continue reading “Testimonial: Kate McLarnon”