Cinema Circle


When did you last go to the cinema? With a real audience? And your partner?

To see something that isn’t a children’s film?

Would you like to?

Raising Films wants to get parents and carers back into cinemas. We are filmmakers. We all fell in love with films in darkened cinemas, watching larger than life characters on giant screens. Cinema serves as inspiration, fuel for our craft, and a way to support all our fellow practitioners.

After exhaustion, the problem is babysitting. A cinema visit isn’t cheap, and when you add £30 on for babysitting fees, suddenly it becomes prohibitive. We’ve had an idea that we think might change that.

Introducing Cinema Circle – a local network initiative that allows you to go to the cinema without babysitting costs. Many of you may have babysitting circles, made up of friends, parents from school, people you trust with your children. You sit for them, they return the favour. We want to take this circle to the movies and feed it popcorn.

1. Find a gang of friends with caring responsibilities who love the movies like you do. Make a WhatsApp or Text group. Let’s call the friends 👟 & 👠, 👓 & 🎥 and 🎻 & 🍫.
2. 👟 & 👠 want to go to The Handmaiden on Wednesday. So 🎥 babysits for them.
3. The next week 👓 & 🎥 want to see I Am Not Your Negro, so 🎻 babysits for them.
4. The following week 🍫 is desperate to see Their Finest, so 👟 comes over after bedtime and reads his book while 🎻 & 🍫 get their popcorn fix.
And so it goes.
We’re hopeful that not only might this simple idea get parents and carers back in the cinema for their own fun and cultural life, but also will help films that are skewed to adult audiences will get better theatrical traction.


Why not pick a night of the week that works for you to ensure this is a regular thing? CinemaCircle Tuesdays?

If all your group live in your neighbourhood then it’s just a matter of walking round the corner, which makes it much more likely that it will happen.

All want to see the same film? Hit the cinema every night of the week and support your local cinema at the same time.


At the moment this is really a trial run. We want to see if people like this idea and use it. We want to find out what might make it work and what we could do to help it. Would an app where you can buy each other cinema tickets as ‘payment’ work well? What if we got a sponsor who could help with cinema tickets – like Orange Tuesdays? What films do you go and see – who are the distributors who might benefit the most from this audience boost?

To launch this trial we are pairing up with Peccadillo Pictures who are releasing Raising Films’ Co-Founder Hope Dickson Leach’s debut feature The Levelling. They are touring the UK with the film next week and have a pair of tickets to give to the screenings in the following cities: Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol & Bath.

This is a great way to kick off your #CinemaCircle and support local cinemas and emerging filmmakers all at the same time.

Dates are as follows. Tweet us @fffilmmaking with the names of your #cinemacircle and the first people in each city will be given a pair of tickets.

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