Evening Standard, 7 February 2017

Charlotte Riley is Raising Films’ first Ambassador! As well as describing the challenges in finding a work/life balance as a working parent, she told Rashid Razaq that it’s not just personal – more needs to be done by the industry:

So many other industries are years ahead of ours in creating a better work-life balance and helping parents and carers. It’s surprising when you think it’s an industry that’s meant to be about people and creativity that we can’t put that creative energy towards tackling this problem. It’s not just actors, but every department. I know camera people who don’t see their kids at all when they’re working.

2 thoughts on “Evening Standard, 7 February 2017”

  1. I am a costume designer/maker and I was beginning to working my way up from costume trainee on film and TV and just about coped with the hours and having two teenagers, then I then fell pregnant with my third child, with a 15 year gap between, now i struggle to take on any on set work due to the unsociable hours filming. However I have managed to open up my own fabric and costume shop hoping to supply the north east with costume for film and TV so its not all bad and i work the hours to fit round my family.

    1. Hi Angela: We’d love to have a testimonial about your costume suppliers to publish on the website, so all of our community know about it! Please drop us a line on info@raisingfilms.com so we can help share your story. We also have some locally-based groups in our members’ community area, so worth sharing the news there too…

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