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Our sister organisation Illuminatrix, who represent female DOPs in the UK, give us an awesome shout out in this #IWD2018 piece for Little Black Book:

“There’s other societal issues that prevent women from accelerating in the world of freelance filmmaking, and a big one is pregnancy, child birth, and child care,” says Catherine, who also signposts the great work being done by Raising Films. “We want to give a little shout out here to our friends at Raising Films, who are working tirelessly to try and come up with solutions for how women can both have babies, raise children, and continue to thrive as filmmakers.  In the field of cinematography, that is especially challenging, to say the least. There is a lot of work to be done in both the private and the public sector to give women filmmakers the resources and the support they need to have the family and the career that they deserve.”

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