Interview: Maggie Mackay

Maggie Mackay has worked as a freelance programmer and writer, script reader, Hollywood Assistant, on-set Production Coordinator, and Senior Coordinator of the Sundance Documentary Fund. She joined Film Independent in 2003, where she is Director of Nominations for the Film Independent Spirit Awards. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Film Studies from the … Continue reading “Interview: Maggie Mackay”

Testimonial: Alexis Strum

Good example… It is 5am or thereabouts. I am typing this article one-handed, whilst feeding my 6 month old baby girl Melody some pureed parsnips that I cooked myself earlier this morning (not organic, but give me some credit, I did check them for mud). I am wearing sweatpants that I slept in and my … Continue reading “Testimonial: Alexis Strum”

Interview: Susanne Bier

I couldn’t have made the movies I made without having kids. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Susanne Bier spoke to us from the shoot of The Night Manager (2016) in Morocco. A member of the Dogme 95 group, Bier is the model of a transnational filmmaker, working in Hollywood as well as at home in Denmark, and shooting internationally … Continue reading “Interview: Susanne Bier”

THE SLOG – Baby Steps… Guest Post by Tamsyn Dent

My PhD originated in response to a trend in data. In 2009 Creative Skillset, a UK based institution that monitors and supports the training needs of the creative media industry found from a census survey only 27% of monitored individuals were women, a drop from 36% in 2006. It was this drop out of women … Continue reading “THE SLOG – Baby Steps… Guest Post by Tamsyn Dent”

Interview: Alex Kalymnios

Having my daughter, Nikita, is the best thing that has happened to me, personally and professionally.  It is often assumed that having children halts careers but she made my career. Alex Kalymnios is a film and and TV drama director whose recent credits include the Lifetime/Sony TV movie Cleveland Abduction starring Taryn Manning, Raymond Cruz, Pam Grier and Joe Morton, and an episode of … Continue reading “Interview: Alex Kalymnios”

Testimonial: Gabriel Bier Gislason

When I was 9, my cousin Laura and I were brought onto the set of my mother Susanne Bier’s film The One and Only (1999) as extras. It was for the film’s last sequence, a wedding, and while I don’t remember a whole lot from that day, I do remember the bit we were shooting … Continue reading “Testimonial: Gabriel Bier Gislason”