The Slog: Save Childcare in Camden! – GUEST POST Alexis Zegerman

Alexis Zegerman is a screen and stage actor, best known for her role in Happy-Go-Lucky (Mike Leigh, 2008). She has also written screen, stage and radio. She was a finalist for the prestigious 2011-2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, and won a British Independent Film Award for Best Supporting Actress.     * We have to make … Continue reading “The Slog: Save Childcare in Camden! – GUEST POST Alexis Zegerman”

Interview: Tally Abecassis

Tally Abecassis is a Montreal-based documentary filmmaker. She graduated from Concordia University, Montreal, in 1996 with a specialization in Communications Studies. Her documentaries, which have screened at international festivals and on Canadian TV, include Warshaw on the Main, about a group of colourful cashiers working at the landmark Montreal supermarket; Lifelike, on the weird and … Continue reading “Interview: Tally Abecassis”

Interview: Marie-Hélène Cousineau

Marie-Hélène Cousineau formed the collective Arnait Ikajurtigiit (Women’s Video Workshop, now Arnait Video Productions) in Igloolik, Nunavut, in 1991. She is its coordinator/trainer as well as an active collaborating producer. Cousineau has written about the experiences of women making video in Igloolik and curated several exhibitions of their work. Her video work has been widely exhibited … Continue reading “Interview: Marie-Hélène Cousineau”

Interview: Maggie Mackay

Maggie Mackay has worked as a freelance programmer and writer, script reader, Hollywood Assistant, on-set Production Coordinator, and Senior Coordinator of the Sundance Documentary Fund. She joined Film Independent in 2003, where she is Director of Nominations for the Film Independent Spirit Awards. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Film Studies from the … Continue reading “Interview: Maggie Mackay”

Testimonial: Alexis Strum

Good example… It is 5am or thereabouts. I am typing this article one-handed, whilst feeding my 6 month old baby girl Melody some pureed parsnips that I cooked myself earlier this morning (not organic, but give me some credit, I did check them for mud). I am wearing sweatpants that I slept in and my … Continue reading “Testimonial: Alexis Strum”

Interview: Susanne Bier

I couldn’t have made the movies I made without having kids. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Susanne Bier spoke to us from the shoot of The Night Manager (2016) in Morocco. A member of the Dogme 95 group, Bier is the model of a transnational filmmaker, working in Hollywood as well as at home in Denmark, and shooting internationally … Continue reading “Interview: Susanne Bier”