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Project Description

Raising Our Game

Implementing a framework of accountability for parents and carers

Raising Our Game is our most wide-reaching piece of research – a report that examines and underlines the effects that the casualisation of labour combined with a lack of knowledge around rights and best practice, and often underlined by the assumption that working in the sector is a ‘privilege’, have had on our workforce.

Our report builds on wide-ranging research into the causes and contributing factors to inequality and exclusion in the industry, including Dr. Reena Bhavnani’s comprehensive 2007 review Barriers to Diversity in Film, commissioned by the UK Film Council and concluding with clear, actionable recommendations based on in-depth data. Bhavnani’s decade-old review is still pressing today, and we dedicate our report to her work and memory.

The Raising Our Game report is based on voices from within the industry, not only workers, but also employers, leaders, and stakeholders, brought together at our Raising Our Game conference to think about how we can work towards a shared, future-oriented framework of accountability.

View and download the report

Raising Our Game Report (pdf)

The following checklists have been designed to provide a series of recommendations and guidelines aimed at different stakeholders with the aim of creating positive change. 

Checklist for Individuals (pdf)

Checklist for Employers (pdf)

Checklist for Companies and Organisations (pdf)

Checklist for Guilds, Standards & Schemes (pdf)


“It’s surprising when you think: it’s an industry that’s meant to be about people and creativity; that we can’t put that creative energy towards tackling this problem. It’s not just actors, but every department. I know camera people who don’t see their kids at all when they’re working.”

Charlotte Riley, actress

“It’s so political because if you don’t see it on the screen then it’s not normalised and when we’re going campaigning for better rights on maternity pay with employers, they don’t see the normality of it. They don’t see it as a norm so it’s really important.”

Tracy Brabin, MP