Do a Red Carpet Protest

A short manifesto on Red Carpet Activism:
1. It’s never too late to be an activist
2. It’s never too late to get an idea The idea for #BudgetTheBaby started on a night bus…
3. If it looks impossible, go ahead and do it anyway
There’s always somewhere out there who will resonate with your message so get it out there!
4. Make it sparkle. Make it classy
Why not accessories your outfit with a sparkly sign declaring ‘BUDGET THE BABY’?
5. Or outrageous. And fun
Look for inspiration from Sisters Uncut
6. Match the message to the occasion (one way or another)
Protesting for the funding of film crèches at the premiere of Bridget Jones’s Baby, Sarah Solemani did it just right (pictured above)
7. Pool great minds, great people
Organise with those around you, do a shout out online, connect with others and tweet us about it @FFFilmmaking
8. Don’t talk about, just do it
These are the rules for red carpet activism. (There are no rules for red carpet activism).

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