//RENT-A-BIFA!* (Because we’re broke)

RENT-A-BIFA!* (Because we’re broke)

Need a gorgeous award to look glam in your next social media post? Or want something extra-special for your office to impress Zoom callers? Or something in your loo to motivate you to JUST KEEP GOING?! Raising Films are renting our beautiful BIFA Special Jury Award… 

Because we’re broke. Our crowdfunding from 2018 saw us through as budgeted to April 2020 – but then our planned year of fifth-birthday fundraising activities was put on hold as there were so many bigger causes to support. 

But we kept going. With project funding from ScreenSkills, we were able to run our first-ever online iteration of our training programme, Making It Possible. And we kept sharing and shouting, and with your help, we: 

  • produced two free online resources in Raising Our Futures, a series of fantastic provocations for a more sustainable and welcoming industry, and Creating Inclusive Productions, a practical how-to with tons of resources
  • published two reports on our community’s experience during COVID, with project funding from our allies at BFI, Creative Scotland, SIGN, WGGB and Bectu: scoping study Back from the Brink and our survey-based report How We Work Now, complete with audio report, podcast, and downloadable hiring guide. 

All free, for everyone, from our website.

And we want to keep it that way for as long as we can, so that all our interviews, testimonials, reports, resources, checklists, guides and colouring-in images are free, while we take some time to regroup, refresh, recuperate – and get ready to go bigger.  

*We don’t really want to rent our BIFA (because we love it!) and we don’t want to make the demands of a crowdfunder, so we’re just going to say this: 

  • A fiver keeps our email address open for a week for people who need to reach out to us. 
  • If you can spare a tenner, it keeps our website online for a week for everyone who wants to access our resources.

If you can do more to help, we’re always open! Drop us a line on [email protected]. Training programmes cost more, especially because we want to keep them free for all participants, and also offer childcare cover and other access costs so everyone can be involved. The same with developing research and resources that are free for our community, but ensure our staff and participants are paid and supported fairly.  

There’s three easy ways to keep us going:

  1. Paypal! You don’t even have to have a Paypal account to use this option. Find us on Paypal.
  2. Buy a piece of Raising Our Futures art by Alex J. Gardner, and support an independent artist as well.
  3. Sign up to Easyfundraising, and let your supermarket, online shopping faves or insurer donate to us, at no cost to you.

Sharing this post – and sharing any of our resources – via social media also helps keep us connected and supported, so that we can connect and support you.

We’ll be back soon with more news. In the meantime, thank you for being part of our community, and stay tuned,

RF x

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