Raising our Game Report

Raising Films’ industry report Raising our Game: Next Steps for the UK Film and Television Industry, launched 18 July 2017, outlines the case for providing better support for parents and carers.

Checklist 1: For Individuals. See below for PDFs of all checklists.

Building on the findings of Raising Films’ Making It Possible Survey in 2016 and the product of six months’ qualitative research, the new report is based on evidence gathered from the industry: not only workers, but also employers, leaders, academics and stakeholders, brought together at the Raising our Game conference on 7 February 2017, to think about how we can work towards a shared, future-oriented framework of accountability.

The report concludes with a series of checklists – for individuals who may be affected, smaller organisations and productions, larger organisations (both public and private sector) and guilds, standards and schemes – providing tangible measures to put equality, diversity and inclusion into practice.

Raising Films Founder and writer/director, Hope Dickson Leach said:

“Today we present our most wide-reaching piece of research – a report that examines and underlines the effects that the casualisation of labour combined with a lack of knowledge around rights and best practice, and often underlined by the assumption that working in the sector is a ‘privilege’, have had on our workforce.”

Our three key recommendations are:

  1. For a truly diverse and inclusive film and television industry, a robust framework of accountability to support all workers’ rights is needed.
  2. All organisations, large and small, and productions need to formalise their HR and employment practices to meet the equality duty and legal framework.
  3. The film and television industry must self-document and self-regulate to prevent its continued unfair and unlawful employment practices.

You can read and download the full report, and also separate PDFs of the checklists – for INDIVIDUALS (checklist 1); for EMPLOYERS on short-term projects (checklist 2); for COMPANIES & ORGANISATIONS (checklist 3); and for GUILDS, STANDARDS & SCHEMES (checklist 4). For a quick breakdown, check out the summary [pdf] we presented at the BFI on 18 July.

If you’re interested in accessing more research on diversity and inclusion in the UK film and television industry, you can read and download many of the resources cited in the report here.