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Am I still a filmmaker?

2021-02-26T12:06:11+00:00February, 2021|Production Stories|

Ahead of the (online) release of their latest work - AYOUNI - filmmaker Yasmin Fedda reflects on being an independent filmmaker and parent and shares ideas for how things should (and can) change to support filmmakers as we all slowly [...]

Testimonial: Kate Cheeseman

2018-11-12T12:59:00+00:00March, 2018|Working in TV|

Nearly 18 months ago, I took part in the first Making It Possible event put on by Raising Films and went for a wonderful day in Edinburgh. It was a day that gave me the courage and direction to return to [...]

Testimonial: Amy Neil

2018-11-12T12:59:13+00:00February, 2018|Working in TV|

I'm on a hill not far from Glasgow filming the last day of Trust Me for BBC1, a drama about a nurse, a working mum, who boldly steals the identity of a doctor and starts practicing in A and E. It’s [...]