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Testimonial: Emma Cummins

2018-11-12T09:29:31+00:00April, 2016|Post-Production Stories|

The VFX industry, as I know it, is not a 9-5 existence, quite often we work late to meet deadlines, or to take calls from state side clients. Also, when on shoots, VFX related shots often get shunted to the end of [...]

Testimonial: Amelia Price

2015-10-26T09:00:13+00:00October, 2015|Production Stories|

My daughter was born four months ago, I've spent my maternity leave, as many people do, hanging out with other new mums in coffee shops and generally wondering where the time is going. I've got used to seeing other people's slight [...]

Testimonial: Becca Ellson

2015-08-07T09:00:57+01:00August, 2015|Development Stories|

Becca Ellson (seen here holding her baby sister) is an Independent Development Producer and Script Editor whose work includes BAFTA-nominated feature TAKING LIBERTIES, critically acclaimed experimental piano performance MOMENTS OF WEIGHTLESSNESS and 23 multi-award-winning short films for the BFI and BBC including Cannes Critic's Week Canal+ [...]