Prevenge: Alice Lowe on Finding Her Film and Finding Her Feet

Tonight, PREVENGE receives its world premiere at Venice Critics’ Week. Below, in our third instalment of our Prevenge Case Study, Alice Lowe talks us through the edit process with a tiny baby on her lap. * I find that with films, as with pregnancy, people talk about during and not as much after. So here’s … Continue reading “Prevenge: Alice Lowe on Finding Her Film and Finding Her Feet”

Interview: Joeli Brearley

Joeli Brearley is founder of the project and campaign Pregnant Then Screwed, a place for women to tell their stories of pregnancy and maternity discrimination to expose this systemic problem and make a case for recognition, change and respect. She writes about pregnancy and maternity discrimination as well feminism, technology and art. Brearley worked as a … Continue reading “Interview: Joeli Brearley”

Prevenge: Alice Lowe on Murder, Cardiff & Making a Human

It’s mid-December 2015 and I’ve got a month to work on the edit of Prevenge before I give birth. We shot a month ago, in Cardiff: I’ve spent Hallowe’en in Cardiff before, and I knew it would be interesting. Everyone was dressed as absolutely crazy things. We filmed on the streets for one particular sequence. … Continue reading “Prevenge: Alice Lowe on Murder, Cardiff & Making a Human”

Testimonial: Anonymous

The first time I ever noticed sexism in the workplace is when I was on set as a production co-ordinator in reality television – real sexism and racism and homophobia, I’d never seen anything like it, but that’s not to say that it’s not everywhere. Arts non-profits are as complicated as production, especially where there’s … Continue reading “Testimonial: Anonymous”