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We Need To Talk About Caring

Survey is closed

Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to the survey and to those who shared information about the survey across their newsletters, websites and social media accounts.

We will launch the results of the survey in mid-June.

Whether it’s short-term or long-term. Whether you fit caring around work or have stopped work to care for someone. Whether it’s for a parent, a sibling, a partner or a child. Caring takes many forms and has many demands. Everything must be dropped for an unexpected health crisis, plans and strategies put in place for long-term illness or as a family member gets older.

In their 2018 report State of Caring Carers UK stated, ‘It is frequently forgotten or, perhaps worse, taken for granted that the majority of care provided in the UK doesn’t come from the NHS or from care homes. It comes in the form of unpaid care that relatives, friends and neighbours provide.’

Carers UK also cites a pattern of these unpaid carers not identifying with their caring status and therefore not talking about their situation and struggling in silence.

This is why We Need To Talk About Caring. We want to help people acknowledge and recognise the caring they do, or have done in the past. We want to know how best to support these people providing care who work, have worked or want to return to work within the screen industries. We want to gather the primary research we need to engage with the screen industries for recognition, change and the establishing of support structures and mechanisms for those providing care.

Who is the survey for?

We want to hear from people who are working, or who have worked, in the screen industries who also have or have had caring responsibilities. For the purposes of our survey this does not include parenting unless the child or children being cared for have a disability and therefore require additional extra care.

Am I a carer?

To help answer this let’s use the simple definition of a carer as anyone who spends time ‘looking after someone’…

Looking after someone can mean helping with personal care or mobility.

Looking after someone can involve offering practical help like shopping and preparing meals.

Looking after someone can mean taking responsibility for arranging and co-ordinating their professional care such as organising and attending their medical appointments and helping them with their medication.

Looking after someone can mean dealing with their paperwork and life admin, providing emotional support and supporting them with leisure activities.

Looking after someone is normally unpaid work.

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Looking after someone – information and support for carers from Carers UK

This guide is for anyone caring for family or friends. The guide outlines your rights as a carer and gives an overview of the practical and financial support available.

The guide includes:

  • Introduction to the challenges of caring, from making difficult decisions to looking after your health and wellbeing.
  • Overview of which benefits you or the person you can for may be entitled to.
  • Other financial help: including help with council tax, fuel costs, pensions and health costs.
  • Practical help: including community care assessment, carer’s assessment and direct payments.
  • Information about health and care technology that could make life easier for you and the person you care for.
  • Your rights at work, from flexible working and parental leave to protection from discrimination.
  • How to find other help nationally and in your local community.
Click here to access the guide
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If you’ve worked in TV, film or cinema for more than two years and have ever faced financial, health or career challenges, the Film and Television Charity is there for you.

Whatever your situation, whether it’s financial difficulties, health issues or something else, and wherever you are in your career in the Film and TV industry, they may be able to help.

Click here to visit the website

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