Raising Films’ mission is to support, promote and campaign for parents and carers in the UK screen sector.

Raising Films calls on the UK screen sector to recognise the value of its parent and carer members and ensure that the best possible working practices are available to them. We challenge the sector to find ways to prevent the loss of talent and enable the working parent and carer community to grow in number so that all voices can be heard.

Since 2015 Raising Films has been carrying out groundbreaking research, building an online community, running training programmes, publishing resources and awarding the Raising Films Ribbon for best practice.

We are a community interest company, founded by five people working in film and television alongside our work for Raising Films. We are supported by an advisory board and industry ambassadors.

Our Strategies

At Raising Films we believe the choice between being a parent/carer or continuing with a career in the screen sector is a product of social and economic conditions, and our mission is to bring about change, so people, and in particular women, in the screen sector who want to have a family or have caring responsibilities can continue their careers.

Our Research & Work

The core mission of Raising Films is to champion and support parents and carers in the UK screen sector.

The screen sector must take action to serve its parent members better, and to increase their number and we call on the sector to aspire to the best possible practice, to make it possible for all our voices to be heard. We partner with organisations in line with our aims to amplify our mission.

The Raising Films Ribbon is awarded to people, productions, production companies, festivals and conferences, training schemes and educational institutions to acknowledge activity that takes into account the needs of parents and carers.

We provide a communal voice for people working in the screen sector though surveys, reports and interventions. Our survey Making It Possible: Voices of Parents and Carers in the UK Film and Television Industry was the first-ever survey to look at the impact of parenting and caring labour for workers across the UK’s film and television sector. It reveals very clear barriers for parents and carers who work within the sector, which do not only affect women, but continue to affect them disproportionately.

We have since carried out research into caring responsibilites across the screen sector in our We Need To Talk About Caring survey and subsequent report.

We work with industry partners and the film and television community to ensure solutions are enacted, by lobbying, providing information, educating and signposting. Raising Films has published a series of checklists of recommended measures aimed at realising positive change across the screen sector, from entry-level to leadership positions.

Respondents were 78% female and 21% male, and the survey observed that women tended to carry more of the burden as carers.
79% of parents and carers told us that their caring labour had a negative impact on their work in the UK film and television industries.
63% of respondents work freelance or are self-employed, and financial uncertainty is a major concern.

Who We Are


At Raising Films we believe it takes a community to make a film, raise a child… We’re delighted to have received support and funding from the following industry organisations: