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Do you have any vacancies?2018-11-12T14:48:33+00:00

If we’re looking for people to join the team we’ll publish a call-out on this page. Plus we’ll shout about it over on Facebook and Twitter.

Can I be featured in your newsletter?2018-11-26T16:20:17+00:00

Our (approximately) monthly newsletter includes a round-up of news, updates and upcoming events from organisations, groups and movements that sing to the ethos of Raising Films. If you want to submit something for potential inclusion in the newsletter please complete this short online form (coming soon).

Can you share something on social media?2018-11-12T14:37:35+00:00

We are always asked this! Our general rule of thumb is that we’re happy to share posts and do RTs if you have contributed to Raising Films. That usually means we’ll have published a story about your experiences working in the film and TV industry. You can take a read through the kind of stories we publish on this page.

Do you give out funding?2018-11-22T11:45:52+00:00

We don’t directly fund projects or people but we do work with the Film & Television Charity and you can find out more about their support on this page.

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