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Raising Our Futures

Raising Our Futures AKA when the coronavirus crisis is over, what will the film and TV landscape look like?

The context

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing global lockdown catapulted people into a new approach to their daily lives. Living through these extraordinary times meant the intersection of personal and professional lives had never been more apparent.

These extraordinary times meant caring responsibilities coincided with working lives and we collectively recognised, more than ever, the support systems and the caring professionals who make our lives possible. As we all attempted to manage our place within the pandemic Raising Films had an ambition to encourage the film and TV industries to consider how the lessons being learnt during lockdown might help shape a better future for the industry and what that better future might look like.

At Raising Films, we’ve always been about creating a film and television industry that works with our need for care. During lockdown we witnessed caring, both as paid and unpaid labour, take new and urgent priority on an unprecedented scale. We also witnessed in a new light just how precarious freelance and self-employed work is, and moreover how freelancers and self-employed people are connected to many other freelance and self-employed people who depend on our custom.

The activities

We know all too well the various ways the film and television industry does not work for many of us. The industry wasn’t working for many before the COVID-19 pandemic, just like it wasn’t working before austerity. It’s clearer now just how much needs to change, and how urgently, for an inclusive, sustainable, functional and humane screen sector for us all. We’re all having to rethink how we work, how we care, and how we see our futures, together.

From here, what does a film and television industry that works for us all look like?

Raising Films took this on in two ways…

Firstly, we asked our community to imagine this future, because when the pandemic comes to an end we need to be prepared not just to return to ‘normal’, or to accept the imposition of worse conditions.

Secondly, we commissioned a number of provocations from people working across a range of fields, not specifically in film or TV, to bring additional perspectives, insights and ambitions for what a better future should consider and take into account.

The response from our community

A selection of the responses we received follow and all responses can be downloaded in PDF format via the button below.

“Pay transparency. Paid overtime. Work life/family balance. Elimination of push/stigma for Producers to be all singing, all dancing self-shooters/soundies in addition to their normal already taxing job.” TV Documentary Producer (Arts & History)

“I wish for more remote working opportunities to open up work in the regions as well as London. I’m from Liverpool and currently working in research and development from home, interviewing contributors on Zoom, WhatsApp messages, regular video calls and phone calls with my boss, and using Google Docs so they can see me writing live and can give input. It’s working really well. And having meetings with commissioners via Zoom means they don’t have to travel across the country and creates a level playing field for everyone in the industry no matter where they’re based.” Research and Development

It would be wonderful to have shorter hours that are more family-friendly. Part of the problem of finding childcare is finding someone who will be there when we are not, which is often 14-16 (or more) hours a day. More flexible arrangements as well would alleviate this problem to benefit both fathers and mothers. Another hope would be a greater provision for childcare at the studios – and eventually on set if shooting on location.” Assistant Location Manager

Download all responses to Raising Our Futures

The provocations

As part of our Raising Our Futures project we invited six visionary thinkers to contribute to a conversation about the future of working, the future of caring or the future of humanity. We looked outside the film industry to other spaces where people are engaging with ways of working that span different disciplines and realities. In publishing these pieces, we invite the screen industry to think differently about how we can work in a future that is uncertain.

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Colouring in version

Alex has kindly prepared a version you can download, print and colour in at home! There are spaces within the illustration to add in your own suggestions. We would really like to see what you come up with so please share your versions on social media using the dedicated hashtag #RaisingOurFutures.

Use the button below to download the colouring in version as a PDF file.

Download the Raising Our Futures colouring in sheet

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