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All About the Money, Money, Money

Yes, we channelled our inner Barden Bellas for our third tweet-up and asked Twitter to talk cold, hard facts about the price (hash)tag: #FundRaisingFilms. We had filmmaker Paulette Caletti on hand, and tons of questions about how to integrate parenting, filmmaking and the need for cash to do both.

You can get the full dish via our Storify round-up — or scroll down for our nine highlights for funding sanity.

Our 9 Top Tips for Bringing it in On Budget

1) Hey producers and funders, childcare needs to be a budget line – from R&D through post, because you never know what’s going to happen

2. All work is work, but not all work is supported as work: that needs to change

3. You know what really doesn’t work? Current government policy on cutting tax credits and other parental support.

4. Crowdfunding is yet more work for busy parents. On the other hand…

5. But crowdfunding ≠ systemic change. We need to be paid for the work we do.

6. When you make it to set, there’s always hair & make-up for childcare emergencies (or not)

7. Solidarity (is the word we’re looking for)

8. Not just within the film industry, but with all our colleagues

9. Until then, being a parent-filmmaker — it’s a paradox, take it from Jada Pinkett-Smith


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