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Film Fatal Report on Caring Responsibilities in the Austrian Film Industry

Congratulations to our friends Film Fatal in Austria, who have recently completed their first study on the compatibility of work and care responsibilities for film industry. Headline: it’s fatal! Or as they say: “Filmmaking: be available, be flexible.”

We’re honoured that Film Fatal will include a German translation of our job sharing resource on their new website, as part of their job share task force!

Film Fatal have kindly translated their findings into English for us to share (read the PDF), including the results of their online survey and from their solutions-oriented focus groups. We love these solutions, which range across state support, employers’ responsibilities, collective bargaining, awareness-raising, creative solutions (summer camp!), celebrating good practice, and changing the world.

  1. VOUCHER MODEL (based on the “voluntary allowance by the employer for childcare”, up to EUR 1,000 per child per year, tax free) for employment relationships in the film industry.
  2. POOL of trustworthy and FLEXIBLE BABYSITTERS or cooperations with established institutions for FLEXIBLE SHORT-TERM CARE
  3. REDUCTION IN WORKING HOURS to 50 hrs per week; on the agenda of negotiations on the collective bargaining agreement.
  4. SHARED JOBS as an option for employees with care responsibilities, an awareness campaign and information through models, role models, prognoses and advantages for productions and employees.
  5. AWARENESS CAMPAIGN and a dedicated WEBSITE as a point of contact and source of information for productions and employees on measures and childcare providers
  6. AWARDS or CERTIFICATES OF EXCELLENCE for “FAMILY-FRIENDLY PRODUCTION” (influenced by the Raising Films Ribbon…)
  7. SUMMER CAMP for children of filmmakers in Vienna as an affordable and flexible offer, if possible, in cooperation with other areas of the cultural sector.
  8. For permanent working hours of more than 40 hrs a week reintroduction of TAX DEDUCTIBILITY OF CHILDCARE COSTS.
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