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Crowdfunder: #RaisingRaisingFilms

We started with a crowdfunder in 2015 – and we’ve achieved so much in three years. We want to keep going and we need your help. We want to raise £14,000 of core funding so we can have a fairly-paid, flexible working team creating more content, more training and more research – and ultimately a more inclusive industry. From February 5th-March 9th 2018, we were #RaisingRaisingFilms via Crowdfunder. Thank you to everyone who donated here! We raised an unbelievable £19,500 to continue and expand our work.

During the crowdfunder, we published tons of new conversations, testimonials and profiles to celebrate our community. You can find them all gathered together here.

As we hit funding targets, we released reward videos featuring extraordinary talent from our industry, sharing their secrets and inspirations. You can see them all below, or check the Crowdfunder updates page. And we rounded off with a party, on 9th March, at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, which included a brilliant raffle hosted by Alice Lowe.

Our final reward video, celebrating our stretch to £18,000, comes from super-producer Alison Owen of Monumental Pictures, the visionary behind SUFFRAGETTE, SMALL ISLAND, THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL, HARLOTS and many more. She talks about the importance of her girl squad, and why she’s dedicated herself to amplifying women’s voices on screen. Click on the image to learn more!

To celebrate hitting our target of £14,000, here’s a short video from one of our co-founders, film critic So Mayer, talking about why the campaign matters – and what more exciting things we’re planning to do if we reach our stretch goal of £20,000. Click on the image to learn more!

Our sixth reward video – £12,000 – comes from Kate Muir, former Chief Film Critic for The Times and one of the few female lead critics for a British newspaper. She gives a shout-out to a new generation of female critics in her video, explains how hard it is to be a mum and a film critic, and calls for more to be done women in film – crucial as she’s now a screenwriter. Click on the image to learn more!

Our fifth reward video – $10,000, halfway to our stretch goal – comes from Alice Lowe and Manjinder Virk, our new Raising Films Ambassadors. Alice wrote us a case study on making her feature debut PREVENGE and Manjinder wrote for us about her urgent short film WITH LOVE FROM CALAIS. Together, they talk about why shorts matter, how to find your feet as a female filmmaker, and why #TimesUp could really change things. Click on the image to learn more!

Our fourth reward video – £7500, just over halfway – comes from Emma Donoghue, who won an Academy Award for ROOM, adapting her own novel to the screen. We interviewed her back on the awards trail, so it’s particularly amazing to have her back with more reflective insights on sustaining a career as a parent-screenwriter. Click on the image to learn more!

Our third reward video – £5000 – comes from Rebecca O’Brien, winner of two Palmes d’Or with Sixteen Films, most recently for I, DANIEL BLAKE, subject of our job-sharing case study. Rebecca talks about the strength of her friendship with Ken Loach and Paul Laverty being key to their incredible success – as is being a parent. “Your priorities shift.” Click on the image to learn more!

Our second reward video – £2500 – comes from Amma Asante, the BAFTA-award winning director of A WAY OF LIFE, BELLE and A UNITED KINGDOM, the first film by a filmmaker of colour to open the London Film Festival. She wants you to find your champion… Click on the image to learn them!

Our first reward video – £1000 – comes from Sally Potter, the joint (with Gurinder Chadha) most-prolific female feature filmmaker in British history. She has some secrets to share… Click on the image to learn them!



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