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Cate Blanchett and Hope Dickson Leach are quoted in this article discussing filmmaking and parenting.

Alistair Foster writes:

Cate Blanchett spoke of the struggle faced by parents in the movie business — as she presented a new £50,000 award to a filmmaker who said she would spend most of it on childcare.

British filmmaker Hope Dickson Leach, a mother of two, impressed judges with her low-budget entry The Levelling.

Blanchett, who joined Dickson Leach and other stars at a London gala to celebrate the award, told the Standard: “The film industry is no different from any other industry. It’s a struggle for working parents.”

[Dickson Leach] said part of the challenge had been “managing a family with making a film”. “This [award] is staggering,” she said. “I’m developing a new project in Hong Kong, so this will allow me to spend a lot of time working on that and actually what the money will really go towards is childcare.”

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