Observer New Review, 7 May 2017

Charlotte Riley, our first Ambassador, is playing “powerhouse” (and mother) Kate Middleton in King Charles III for BBC2, and she reflected on working conditions for parents in this interview with Michael Hogan, with a shout-out for fellow Film Raiser Sarah Solemani: Me and [fellow actor] Sarah Solemani have a project called Ready Set Play, where we’ve … Continue reading “Observer New Review, 7 May 2017”

Evening Standard, 7 February 2017

Charlotte Riley is Raising Films’ first Ambassador! As well as describing the challenges in finding a work/life balance as a working parent, she told Rashid Razaq that it’s not just personal – more needs to be done by the industry: So many other industries are years ahead of ours in creating a better work-life balance … Continue reading “Evening Standard, 7 February 2017”

Screen Daily, 7 February 2017

As Louise Tutt writes, Raising Films launched the Family Support Fund with CTBF – with grants contributing up to £75 a day to help cover the cost of childcare arrangements, up to £1500 per annum. And we also announced actor Charlotte Riley as our very first Raising Films Ambassador. Riley said: Our challenge is not to reform … Continue reading “Screen Daily, 7 February 2017”

The Independent, 19 Jan 2017

Hope Dickson Leach is quoted in Sarah Bradbury’s article about female directors in 2017, as are film-raisers Alice Lowe (who says “Get out there and do it. Don’t wait for permission”) and Alex Helfrecht, as well as our colleague Dr. Natalie Wreyford at Calling the Shots. Bradbury notes that: Raising Films’ survey Making It Possible reveals a host … Continue reading “The Independent, 19 Jan 2017”

Evening Standard, 5 October 2016

Cate Blanchett and Hope Dickson Leach are quoted in this article discussing filmmaking and parenting. Alistair Foster writes: Cate Blanchett spoke of the struggle faced by parents in the movie business — as she presented a new £50,000 award to a filmmaker who said she would spend most of it on childcare. British filmmaker Hope Dickson Leach, … Continue reading “Evening Standard, 5 October 2016”

Guardian Magazine, 24 September 2016

Article on Sarah Solemani taking the Budget The Baby protest onto the Bridget Jones premiere, “Sarah Solemani: ‘I had to hide my pregnancy. I worked until I was due’”. Martha Hayes writes: Sarah Solemani was drunk after a hen do and heading home on a night bus when she bumped into a friend and came up with one of those … Continue reading “Guardian Magazine, 24 September 2016”

Evening Standard, 20 September 2016

Article on Alice Lowe and he film, Prevenge. Alice Lowe told Robert Dex that: “It was a matter of proof for me: if I can [direct and star in Prevenge] while pregnant, then a hell of a lot more women should be getting a chance at directing and multi-tasking, as we are renowned for.” Lowe, who was … Continue reading “Evening Standard, 20 September 2016”

Evening Standard, 8 September 2016

Report on Sarah Solemani championing on-set crèches at the premiere of BRIDGET JONES’ BABY (Sharon Maguire), on 5th Sept 2016. Solemani plays TV presenter Miranda in the film, a “distinct breakout performance” according to The Guardian. Big love to Solemani for breaking out her BUDGET THE BABY sign on the red carpet – designed to co-ordinate with her amazing gold … Continue reading “Evening Standard, 8 September 2016”

Mumsnet, 4 August 2016

Article, “Women’s voices are being lost from the film and TV industries.” Vicki Leslie states that: The Raising Films report [included] a number of recommendations for changes to improve things. These included enabling financial assistance for child or elder care and encouraging an industry-wide adoption of flexible working and access to care. The report also recommended formalising a … Continue reading “Mumsnet, 4 August 2016”