October ribbon update

We’ve had a flurry of applications from a range of brilliant organisations, productions and festivals over the past weeks. Full insights and stories to follow but in the meantime, put your hands together for: 

THE LAST WORD – family-friendly feature production, produced by Casey Herbert.

TRIM EDITING – addressing the needs of their parent/carer workforce through flexible hours, job-sharing and supporting editors who are parents with family accompaniment on international contracts and projects.

RAINDANCE – festival staff are offered flexibility around childcare and family commitments and the festival to include breakfast networking event for filmmakers with children, parent and baby screenings and a creche space.

US AMONG THE STONES – family-friendly feature production, produced by Thembisa Cochrane (pictured).

THE WONDER WORKS – leading on childcare infrastructure across the film industry through Ofsted approved Early Year’s nurseries in mobile and static form.

We wouldn’t have existed had our team not come togther after a Raising Films event!”

Mark Radcliffe, The Wonder Works

The Raising Films ribbon is available to production companies, festivals and conferences, training schemes and educational institutions. It will be awarded to acknowledge activity that takes into the account the needs of parents and carers.
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