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The Early Hour

Co-founder Hope Dickson Leach and Raising Films favourite Alice Lowe talk about festivaling while parenting, “diva” behaviour, and why you need the school gates massive, for online parenting and lifestyle magazine The Early Hour.

HDL: I’ve been massively fortunate that my distributors Peccadillo have worked around my own commitments to manage this release. They took on board the easter holidays in setting up the release date, and then have worked with other family commitments I have in scheduling the tour. I couldn’t have done it otherwise. Without constant gin.

AL: Yes, Kaleidoscope were very accommodating. But then, I’ve paired all of this with my maternity leave essentially. So it’s like, what else am I going to be doing? Who else, what other employer, would let me make a film while pregnant, then bring a baby along for the whole ride?

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