//We need to talk about caring…

We need to talk about caring…

Today (Friday 30 November 2018) is Carers Rights Day and we are marking the occasion here at Raising Films by announcing We Need To Talk About Caring our 2019 Carers Survey (following on from our Making it Possible survey and report in 2016).

We are running this survey in order to learn more about how we can support carers working in the screen industries; and understand more about how caring responsibilities differ from childcare responsibilities – and require different responses from employers/managers.

According to Carers UK, carers are people who provide unpaid care by looking after someone who is older, disabled or seriously ill. These people are called carers but they would probably say they were just “looking after someone”. Sadly, so many carers are living in silence and in poverty.

This is why We Need To Talk About Caring. We want to help people acknowledge and recognise the caring they do, or have done in the past. We want to know how best to support these people providing care who work, have worked or want to return to work within the screen industries. We want to gather the primary research we need to engage with the screen industries for recognition, change and the establishing of support structures and mechanisms for those providing care.

Key Dates
Survey Launch – w/c 11 March
Survey closes – Friday 19 April
Report Launch – w/c 10 June to coincide with Carers Week 2019

Who is the survey for?
We want to hear from people who are working, or who have worked, in the screen industries who also have or have had caring responsibilities. For the purposes of our survey this does not include parenting unless the child or children being cared for have a disability and therefore require additional extra care.

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To find out more about others’ experiences of juggling the responsibility of caring for someone with working in the film industry click on the button below.

Stories on caring

You can also find out more about Carers UK and the support on offer.

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Image courtesy: Carers UK

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