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Our co-founder Hope Dickson Leach spoke to international film community site Mandy.com about becoming a filmmaker, founding Raising Films out of frustration, how we’ve turned that frustration into action – and what we want to do with the funds we’re raised from our crowdfunder:

For example, I heard recently when I was in Berlin, from the producer of Toni Erdmann, that they were shooting in Belgrade. They went over there for four-five months and so the director, who was a parent, got a house, they put her up in a bigger house so that her kids could come over but also all the heads of departments were offered the same thing. That is so fantastic. If you’re going to bring people over to another country for that amount of time, for them to find that money in the budget, for the financiers not to balk and go “Who, hang on, that’s ridiculous, we can’t really relocate people’s families!”

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