//There Must Be 15 Ways to Leave Your Children… (temporarily, for a film shoot)

There Must Be 15 Ways to Leave Your Children… (temporarily, for a film shoot)

While we’re running our crowdfunder to hire a Raising Films Project Manager — 52% funded, please support us if you can! — we’re also investigating what our new staff member will be researching: what are the biggest challenges and questions for parents working in film? What viable solutions are already out there? Or should we just focus on finding the money for a lifetime supply of chocolate biscuits, iPads and family therapy to get us through?

Our testimonials and interviews are fine sources of inspiration — like Helene Klodawsky documenting band Thee Silver Mt. Zion as they tour with a toddler in tow in Come Worry With Us!, which you can see in our first ever RF event, on 11 Sept 2015 in London – a babes-in-arms screening of course!

But we wanted to start hashing out pragmatic solutions to burning questions: and so, as well as the site, we’re holding Twitter chats. Our first one, which set out some basic questions about managing work-life balance, ended with cake. Our second one yesterday ended a little more dramatically…

(NB: this prop was not actually on set when Steven’s daughter visited, it’s just a great image from the film!)

Steven Sheil, Keri Collins and Hope Dickson Leach joined us for an action-packed hour discussing leaving your children at home while on a film shoot. Thoughts about the gender of caring and childcare, the practicalities of switching mindsets at home and on set, and why it’s all fine because children are adaptable anyway came thick and fast: catch them all on our Storify.

But here are the TOP 15 THOUGHTS from our intrepid tweeters (who are also parents and filmmakers when not on Twitter…):

1. Most Important Cannot-Be-Said-Enough Message from Experienced Feature Filmmaker

2. Making a Film Can Also Mean Making Amazing Family Memories Part 1


3. Making a Film Can Also Mean Making Amazing Family Memories Part 2

4. Writing Films With Roles for Kids Can Help Parent-Actors 

5. Having Kids on Set Doesn’t Mean They Have a Clue What Your Job Actually Entails


6. Someone Will Be Watching Out For Them (or Possibly Putting Them to Work?)

7. When Kids Aren’t On Set, Supportive Partners Have a Starring Role…

8. … But So Does State Support (we can’t stress this enough)

9. Paid Childcare Can’t Answer All Parent-Filmmakers’ Concerns

10. But That’s Parenting, Isn’t It? Filmmaker or Not, You Have to Be Cool with the Worries… 

11. Sometimes You Have to Take It from Elsa & LET IT GO

12. It’s a Wrap! But What If You’re Still Wrapped Up in It…

13. Respect the Bubble! Your Family Will Be There Between Gigs

14. Above All: The Kids are All Right — But the Industry Needs to Grow Up…

15. And Finally: You Think You’re a Grown-Up Parent-Filmmaker – Buuuuut You’re Also Still Someone’s Kid 



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