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Interview: Of Love and Law

2019-02-13T17:40:23+00:00December, 2016|Interview, Production Stories|

OF LOVE AND LAW is a documentary, currently crowdfunding, about Japan's first LGBT law firm, run by partners Fumi and Kazu, and looking at issues including adoption, same sex partnerships and undocumented people. We talked film-raising with the international team behind the film: [...]

I, Daniel Blake: Line Producer Eimhear McMahon on Bringing the Team Together

2018-11-22T18:19:28+00:00November, 2016|Distribution & Exhibition, Post-Production Stories, Production Stories|

From the moment we met Alison [Carter-Goulden, assistant editor] and started talking, her competency and efficiency convinced me that a job-share could work well. Her and Erline [O'Donovan]'s relationship with Jonathan [Morris, editor] was the most important thing, and that worked perfectly. Alison and Erline set [...]

Testimonial: Amelia Price

2015-10-26T09:00:13+00:00October, 2015|Production Stories|

My daughter was born four months ago, I've spent my maternity leave, as many people do, hanging out with other new mums in coffee shops and generally wondering where the time is going. I've got used to seeing other people's slight [...]

All About the Money, Money, Money

2015-09-03T05:57:15+01:00September, 2015|Our Work, Production Stories|

Yes, we channelled our inner Barden Bellas for our third tweet-up and asked Twitter to talk cold, hard facts about the price (hash)tag: #FundRaisingFilms. We had filmmaker Paulette Caletti on hand, and tons of questions about how to integrate parenting, filmmaking and [...]

Testimonial: Elias Millward

2015-08-28T09:00:33+01:00August, 2015|Production Stories|

Becoming a father was the best thing that happened to me. I found my calling the moment I held my daughter in my arms. Becoming a father has also compounded some of the pre-existing perceptions and concerns I had about a [...]