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Budgets and breastfeeding – our babies don’t mean we can’t get out there and do it!

2021-02-10T15:08:29+00:00February, 2021|Development Stories, Distribution & Exhibition, Festivals & Industry Events, Production Stories, The Long Read|

Producer Victoria Bavister shares the story of the making of her debut and BIFA-nominated feature – COUNTY LINES - from the grind of financing, through to production and eventual release. Read on to find out how Victoria balanced filmmaking with [...]

Moving on up

2018-11-12T12:59:49+00:00December, 2016|Festivals & Industry Events, Our Work|

Filmmaker Hope Dickson Leach reflects on the last couple of weeks representing Raising Films at a range of exciting events that took place around the UK The last week has seen a flurry of activity around the country. Gatherings of people looking to [...]

Making It Work

2018-11-05T15:43:24+00:00May, 2015|Festivals & Industry Events|

It's six in the morning in a basement apartment in Cannes. Birds are singing in the garden and in the room next to me a baby is gurgling. My producer Rachel Robey and I are here to announce our feature film [...]