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Interview: Kris Swanberg

2015-08-10T09:00:31+01:00August, 2015|Interview|

Kris Swanberg is the writer-director of the independent feature films It Was Great, But I Was Ready to Come Home, Marriage Material, Empire Builder and Unexpected, and director of the web series Young American Bodies. She has also appeared in films by her [...]

Interview: Alexandra Hidalgo

2015-07-31T09:00:30+01:00July, 2015|Interview, The Long Read, The Watch|

Alexandra Hidalgo is a documentary filmmaker, an assistant professor at Michigan State University, and the co-founder and editor-in-chief of agnès films, a site for female filmmakers. Her current project is Vanishing Borders, a feature documentary telling the story of four immigrant women living in [...]

Interview: Romola Garai

2015-07-27T09:00:50+01:00July, 2015|Interview|

Romola Garai is an acclaimed actor, writer and director, twice nominated for Golden Globe awards and BIFA awards. 'Scrubber', which she wrote, directed and produced, was released as part of Soda Pictures' New British Cinema Quarterly in 2012. Since her breakout film role in I Capture [...]

Interview: Jeanie Finlay

2015-07-22T09:00:22+01:00July, 2015|Interview|

Jeanie Finlay is a British artist and filmmaker. She set up Glimmer Films in 2008 to deliver ambitious, engaging and empathetic work for cinema, broadcast and exhibition. Her work includes the feature documentaries ORION: The Man Who Would Be King (Winner Grand Jury – Nashville), Panto! [...]

Interview: Afia Nathaniel

2015-07-15T09:00:55+01:00July, 2015|Interview|

Computer-scientist-turned-filmmaker, Afia Nathaniel is the founder of Zambeel Films, an independent production company in Pakistan. Prior to filmmaking, she worked for the  Power to Change Fund, and spoke internationally on the issue of violence against women and the role of artists as [...]

Interview: Tally Abecassis

2015-06-12T09:00:47+01:00June, 2015|Interview|

Tally Abecassis is a Montreal-based documentary filmmaker. She graduated from Concordia University, Montreal, in 1996 with a specialization in Communications Studies. Her documentaries, which have screened at international festivals and on Canadian TV, include Warshaw on the Main, about a group [...]

Interview: Marie-Hélène Cousineau

2018-11-05T15:48:10+00:00June, 2015|Interview, Production Stories|

Marie-Hélène Cousineau formed the collective Arnait Ikajurtigiit (Women's Video Workshop, now Arnait Video Productions) in Igloolik, Nunavut, in 1991. She is its coordinator/trainer as well as an active collaborating producer. Cousineau has written about the experiences of women making video in Igloolik [...]

Interview: Susanne Bier

2018-11-05T15:47:27+00:00May, 2015|Interview|

I couldn’t have made the movies I made without having kids. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Susanne Bier spoke to us from the shoot of The Night Manager (2016) in Morocco. A member of the Dogme 95 group, Bier is the model of a transnational [...]

Interview: Alex Kalymnios

2020-10-19T13:54:08+01:00May, 2015|Interview|

Having my daughter, Nikita, is the best thing that has happened to me, personally and professionally.  It is often assumed that having children halts careers but she made my career. Alex Kalymnios is a film and and TV drama director whose recent credits include the Lifetime/Sony TV movie [...]

Testimonial: Keri Collins

2018-11-12T09:39:45+00:00May, 2015|Production Stories|

I am a director, and father of two sons, currently aged 5 and 3. I was always determined not to let my insane choice of a career stop me from starting a family. I knew a few people who were constantly [...]

Testimonial: Naomi Wright

2015-05-04T23:00:28+01:00May, 2015|Working in TV|

I work in television arts documentaries as a producer-director. I worked my way into this position before I had children by working for several years as a researcher and assistant producer. I got pregnant while I was editing my first ever [...]