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Line Langebek: one year in

2015-05-05T20:27:32+01:00May, 2015|Development Stories|

I'm fairly new to this malarkey. Round about one year in and counting. This whole writer-mother scenario. The latest no-budget action movie coming to a cinema very near you if we can get the distribution sorted. In some ways nothing has [...]

Working for free

2018-11-05T15:22:09+00:00May, 2015|Development Stories|

As a screenwriter, obviously it is a lot easier to combine work and childcare than if you are working in production as you spend much of your time working at home BUT what is difficult and frustrating is the increasing amount [...]

Testimonial: Tracy Brabin

2018-11-12T09:22:36+00:00May, 2015|Working in TV|

It's always assumed that the writer is the one with the most flexibility because they can write when they want, around family commitments. Not true. There are never ANY concessions that you might have family commitments when you get notes Friday [...]

Testimonial: Naomi Wright

2015-05-04T23:00:28+01:00May, 2015|Working in TV|

I work in television arts documentaries as a producer-director. I worked my way into this position before I had children by working for several years as a researcher and assistant producer. I got pregnant while I was editing my first ever [...]