Stylist Magazine

2015-09-22T15:45:05+01:00September, 2015|Press|

As part of Stylist Magazine's SUFFRAGETTE special issue Romola Garai, Carey Mulligan and Anne Marie Duff discuss 'The Politics of Being a Woman'. RG: Campaigning wise, I’ve been working with a group called Raising Films who highlight how difficult it is to [...]

Radio Summerhall

2018-11-22T12:08:10+00:00August, 2015|Press|

Interview about our crowdfunder with co-founder and filmmaker Hope Dickson Leach – featuring Hope's choice for Raising Films anthem...

The F-Word

2015-08-25T13:43:37+01:00August, 2015|Press|

Article by Sophie Mayer about why Raising Films exists, and how to support our crowdfunder: As screenwriter Gabriel Bier Gislason, who spent time on sets with his mum Susanne, notes: “A good parent is a happy parent, and a happy parent is a [...]

Agnès Films

2015-08-10T15:23:24+01:00August, 2015|Press|

Article by Raising Films co-founder and film critic Sophie Mayer As a feminist critic, I want to see more diverse storytelling, including the voices and ideas of parents and carers. For me, Raising Films is in line with the pragmatic, creative, and scholarly [...]

Screen Daily

2015-08-04T15:29:02+01:00August, 2015|Press|

Interview with co-founder and filmmaker Hope Dickson Leach Leach believes that a project such as Raising Films could not only raise diversity standards in the film industry – encouraging more women to embark on careers in film – but could also improve [...]