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Ming Ho joins our Advisory Board

2019-03-14T17:23:23+00:00March, 2019|Our Work|

We're delighted to welcome Ming Ho to our Advisory Board. In addition to her extensive career in writing for film, TV and radio Ming brings with her first hand experience of being a carer. She writes, speaks, and campaigns on dementia [...]

Join the team at Raising Films

2019-03-11T14:31:59+00:00March, 2019|Our Work|

Two Intern positions are available at Raising Films to assist with our We Need To Talk About Caring survey. The two positions are: •    Design/Marketing Intern •    Research/Writing Intern These roles are ideal for anyone looking to gain experience in design/marketing [...]

My experience of sandwich caring

2019-03-14T17:25:10+00:00March, 2019|Our Work|

To mark the launch of We Need To Talk About Caring we're posting the experience of sandwich caring from someone in our community - a female, working in production as a Director / Writer... We thank them for sharing their [...]

Our Carers Survey is now live

2019-03-14T17:26:24+00:00March, 2019|Our Work|

We Need To Talk About Caring Through our Carers Survey we want to help people acknowledge and recognise the caring they do, or have done in the past. We want to know how best to support these people providing care [...]

We need to talk about caring…

2019-03-14T17:27:01+00:00November, 2018|Our Work|

Today (Friday 30 November 2018) is Carers Rights Day and we are marking the occasion here at Raising Films by announcing We Need To Talk About Caring our 2019 Carers Survey (following on from our Making it Possible survey and [...]

Raising Films Australia publish report

2018-11-12T12:59:00+00:00October, 2018|Our Work|

Today at the Adelaide Film Festival our sister organisation in Australia unveiled their new report - Honey I Hid the Kids! - exploring the experiences of parents and carers in the Australian Screen Industry. Their findings are so similar to those [...]

#RaisingTheRoof Raffle: All the Prizes

2018-11-12T12:59:00+00:00March, 2018|Our Work|

Our host for the party and raffle will be Raising Films Ambassador Alice Lowe: Check out the prizes from our incredible sponsors This Mama Does, Picture Hooks (Vivian French), The Old Vic, Bloom & Grow Asia, Indicator/Powerhouse, Film 4 Productions, Peccadillo [...]

A tribute to Helen North

2018-11-12T12:59:13+00:00January, 2018|Our Work|

Helen was one of Raising Films' greatest behind-the-scenes champions in the last two years. She attended our first family-friendly BFI screening of The Secret of Kells with her two lovely daughters and subsequently became involved in the initial discussions and shaping [...]

Making it Possible 2017

2018-11-12T12:59:24+00:00September, 2017|Our Work|

With 50 people benefiting from our Making it Possible personal and career development days in 2016, we are delighted to announce that applications are now open for another 36 parents & carers from all roles across the film & TV industry [...]