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Moving on up

2018-11-12T12:59:49+00:00December, 2016|Festivals & Industry Events, Our Work|

Filmmaker Hope Dickson Leach reflects on the last couple of weeks representing Raising Films at a range of exciting events that took place around the UK The last week has seen a flurry of activity around the country. Gatherings of people looking to [...]

Making It Possible: The Return!

2021-01-18T13:29:18+00:00October, 2016|Our Work|

This autumn, we are pleased to bring more opportunities for industry professionals to access our unique and family-friendly 'Making It Possible' training events.    This programme is supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, with BFI’s Film Forever National Lottery funds, [...]

Raising Films Recommends…: London Film Festival 2016

2018-11-12T13:00:08+00:00September, 2016|Our Work|

Raising Films is going to be participating in lots of film festivals over the coming year – and we're pretty excited. For your viewing pleasure, and to celebrate awesome family and caring-centred filmmaking, we'll be offering recommendations for each of them for festival attendees, [...]

#MakeItPoss: Raising Films’ Survey is Now LIVE

2018-11-05T16:29:06+00:00June, 2016|Our Work|

Literally: coming from the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where Penny Woolcock is kicking things off with her Making It Possible keynote. https://twitter.com/FFFilmmaking/status/745553156436746240 https://twitter.com/eiffindustry/status/745552839196303362 As Wendy Mitchell writes in Screen International today: Parents working in the film industry have “no level playing field” including limited [...]

Making It Possible – join us at EIFF

2018-11-05T16:32:50+00:00May, 2016|Our Work|

The Raising Films team are excited to announce a unique opportunity for emerging filmmakers to access expert, personalised advice and support on balancing film and family. In partnership with EIFF and Directors UK, and funded by Creative Scotland, Raising Films is holding a career [...]

Stand up and be counted!

2016-04-27T22:03:30+01:00April, 2016|Our Work|

Our survey needs you! Raising Films has launched the first UK survey into how caring for dependents can affect your career development and possible solutions to help minimise the stress of juggling Family and Film. Please fill it out here and [...]

Wanted: Events Manager (Scotland)

2016-01-11T15:08:01+00:00January, 2016|Our Work|

To kick off our plans for 2016, we are looking for an Events Manager who will plan, manage and deliver film festival events to increase awareness of Raising Films as an organisation, and to lay the foundations for our research and [...]

Seven Months & Teething

2015-12-31T14:15:13+00:00December, 2015|Our Work|

According to the NHS, our campaign baby is reaching its seventh month developmental markers, more or less: Raising Films is sitting up (supported by our fabulous Indiegogo donors) and getting ready for teething problems as we head into 2016, ready to make [...]


2015-09-07T19:32:20+01:00September, 2015|Our Work|

Thanks to our Raising Films team, contributors, members, donors, promoters, Twitter chatterers, posters, sharers, supporters, childcarers, partners, parents and children -- WE DID IT! 105% of our total raised, from 230 amazing contributors from around the world. Thank you Raising Films [...]

All About the Money, Money, Money

2015-09-03T05:57:15+01:00September, 2015|Our Work, Production Stories|

Yes, we channelled our inner Barden Bellas for our third tweet-up and asked Twitter to talk cold, hard facts about the price (hash)tag: #FundRaisingFilms. We had filmmaker Paulette Caletti on hand, and tons of questions about how to integrate parenting, filmmaking and [...]

Why We’re Proud to Be EWA

2015-08-24T09:00:52+01:00August, 2015|Our Work|

Raising Films was formed to support all parents and carers working in film – but also because we recognise that, due to both practical issues, and social attitudes, parenting and caring predominantly affect the ability of women to start and sustain [...]

Campaign Launch

2015-07-27T10:41:07+01:00July, 2015|Our Work|

The summer holidays are upon us and the Raising Films family are busy. Busy with kids, busy with films, busy with marking and proposals and budgets all the things that make up our busy lives. Like all parents, we've realised we [...]

Dirty Laundry

2018-11-05T16:20:11+00:00May, 2015|Our Work|

Two deadlines next week. Two children who keep wetting the bed. One partner out of the country for five days and a summons for Jury service to respond to (get out of). No I haven't had time to watch the Milli-Brand interview. Being [...]